Chris Clemons 19 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (11/16/2019)

The Houston Rockets seem to be a perfect fit for Chris Clemons. In retrospect, we could’ve seen this coming; what better place for a guy who loves nothing more than to shoot tons of shots, than a place where the coach loves to have his players shoot tons of shots? It’s a match made in heaven.

It would be an ever better fit if something were to… happen… to James Harden, though. Just saying.

Realistically, Clemons is never going to get to shoot as much as he did in college, where he led the nation in scoring. The NBA doesn’t generally let 5-9 dudes have free reign over an offense unless they’ve proven to be a capable scorer for many years (think of Isaiah Thomas here), and even then, only the absolute chuckiest of chuckers reach the levels of chucking that Clemons peaked at in college. Harden is one of those players, but the real comp I’m thinking of here is Pete Maravich.

Clemons has been doing the vast majority of his damage in the NBA from behind the arc, using his high-arcing shot to vex his opponents and delight his teammates. But in this game, he upped his career total of two-point buckets from 1 to 3, making a layup and a dunk. A dunk! I was told he could dunk, but until I saw it with my own two eyes, I didn’t believe it. He really got up there! This wasn’t some garbage rim-grazer. He had enough bounce to go up with two hands and hang around for a while.

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