Gary Trent 13 Points Full Highlights (11/21/2019)

Just like with the nineteen-point E’Twaun Moore video I uploaded right before this one, I’m really just uploading a video of Gary Trent’s thirteen points to ensure that he gets a video this season. His season-high before this was seven, and his minutes have been very sporadic, so the chances of him scoring more than this seem remote unless the Blazers suffer even more injuries. Or maybe Stotts will give him more minutes on account of the fact that he actually looked playable in this game (playable enough to make me want to have a stroke every time he made a shot).

Now seems like a good time to remind people that, in the final game of the regular season last year, the Blazers faced off against the Kings fielding a six-man lineup. Trent, along with Jake Layman and Anfernee Simons, played the full 48 minutes. With no threat of being benched, Trent scored an astounding nineteen points. That’s like how I play in pickup when there’s nobody waiting to sub in.

The only other player to play exactly 48:00 minutes in 2018-19 season was Tim Frazier for the Bucks. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure Wilt Chamberlain played a season where he only sat on the bench for, like, six total minutes. So Trent is in rare company with that one. He might not ever surpass his father in terms of career impact, but he can say that he was one of the few modern-era players to play an entire game without even one trip back to the bench.

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