Alec Burks 23 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (11/27/2019)

Alec Burks is now averaging a career high in points, at nearly 15 per game. Obviously, some weird stuff had to happen for him to get this kind of opportunity with the Warriors, but that’s the nature of the NBA. Weird stuff happens all the time.

I wasn’t expecting Burks to do much this year, considering how he finished last season. If you don’t remember (and I don’t blame you if you don’t), he somehow ended up on the Kings and did NOTHING. Capitalization for emphasis. I mean, it wasn’t literally nothing, but it was barely more than that, as he averaged under 2 points per game with them. He had proven he could still kind of do things with Cleveland (another team that people aren’t going to remember he ever played for), but in Sacramento, it was pretty much all DNP’s.

Look at him now. Playing a key role for the Warriors dynasty. Yes, it is still a dynasty. A few injuries to key players doesn’t not make it a dynasty anymore. Burks is tiding the team over until Klay Thompson comes back, and when people come back and they make the playoffs (this year, yeah, I’m going there) and then win the championship, there’s going to be a special section in the championship DVD for Burks. And there will be a part about this game where the narrator says like “Burks had 23 points to go with 7 assists in a key game against the Chicago Bulls to keep the Warriors’ playoff hopes alive”.

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