Jae Crowder 20 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2019)

I am of the opinion that banked-in threes should, under no circumstances, count for real-life points in a real-life basketball game. At any level. Pickup, high school, college, pro, Europe, it doesn’t matter. Banked-in threes are always unintentional and they should count as misses. Always. No exceptions.

There are no, like, formal polls or studies done on this, but I bet if you asked the average person in the world what they thought about this hot-button issue, they would agree with me. That’s because banked-in threes are not only unaesthetic and indicative of a lack of skill on the shooter’s part, but they’re actually blasphemous to Lord God the Father as well. Honestly, “Abomination Unto God” is not only the name of my underground death metal project (demo available on cassette tape limited to fifteen copies), but it’s a good descriptor for what Jae Crowder unwittingly created when he caught a pass from Ja Morant and launched a three-pointer way too hard at the backboard, causing the shot to bank in.

Since Crowder’s errant three-pointer should have earned him no points, I shouldn’t even have to be burdened by the creation of this video; Crowder scoring seventeen does not qualify him for highlightage on my channel. But the NBA is reluctant to implement daring rule changes even when the rule changes in question have widespread public support, so banked-in three-pointers still count for the full three points.

Maybe I should delete this video as an act of protest. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Nobody will even miss it anyway.

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