Joe Harris 22 Points Full Highlights (11/27/2019)

Last season, Joe Harris had the highest three-point percentage among players who attempted at least 100 threes, at 47.4%. And it’s not like he squeaked in under the cutoff either. He attempted 386 three-pointers that season. To combine that volume with that accuracy is pretty much totally nuts and nigh-unbelievable. If you raise the cutoff to three hundred attempts, only three players have ever shot better than Harris: Kyle Korver in the 14-15 season with the Hawks, Joe Johnson in the 04-05 with the Suns, and Dale Ellis in the 88-89 season with the Supersonics. Notice how allegedly “good” three-point shooter Steph Curry is not one of those players. Harris points and laughs at Curry with disdain.

This year, Harris is flagging a little bit with a dreadful three-point percentage of 44.2%. Using the same 100-three cutoff point, there are four players better than him: Redick, Bogdanovic (the Utah one, not the Sacramento one), Towns, and Bertans. The reigning three-point champion should not be allowing this to happen. I’m currently rewatching the three-ilation I made for him (which is sick by the way) while sobbing and cuddling my kitty Japurri Purrker. A world where Harris is not the best three-point bomber in the NBA by far is not a world that I wish to continue inhabiting.

Is there a way to blame Kyrie Irving for this? I bet there is and I’m gonna find it.

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