Spencer Dinwiddie 24 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (12/4/2019)

If you’re one of those curmudgeonly old folks who thinks that the NBA is going in a depraved and possibly perverted direction with all the three-point bombing going on, then this video might be the video for you. And if you’re even older and even curmudgeonlier than that, and you think that basketball was best played back when literally every attempt had to be shot from close to the hoop because no one was skilled enough to shoot a jumper, then you’re going to be thrilled by this video.

Spencer Dinwiddie made 10 shots, which is a lot of shots, and 8 of them were straight-up layups (with the remaining 2 being floater-ish things). Normally I get confused and upset when there are too many layups in a video (that’s when I break out the term LAMEup to ease my frustration), but these ones by Din-Dins are pretty sick. Almost every single one, he takes the screen of Jarrett Allen and works his way through the paint, slithering almost in the matter of a snake, before getting to the rim and extending for a nice finish.

With this finishing ability as well as his ability to chuck threes (those aren’t going in so much this year though), it’s no wonder that he’s averaging over 20 points per game right now. And he’s not even playing 30 minutes per contest! He’s one of the best per-minute scorers in the league, and he’s probably too good for my channel, but I’m going to wait until Cryrie Virgin comes back to make the final determination.

Just kidding, Din-Dins will never be too good for my channel. Ever.

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