Taurean Prince 23 Points Full Highlights (12/4/2019)

Here’s something you can think about: who was the main player that the Nets traded in order to acquire Taurean Prince? I’ll let you stew over that one for a bit. Personally, I couldn’t figure it out. I knew he got traded, and it had to be for some guy making a fair amount of money, so not just some rights to some 32-year-old Euro who will never come over, but it wasn’t coming to me. Forgive me, Wojnarowski. I had forgotten the details of the bomb you dropped on my unworthy body.

Give up yet? It’s Allen Crabbe! I know, right? Since when is he on the Hawks? He’s been even bootier (more booty) than he was during his final year in Brooklyn. And that’s when he’s even playing, which he hasn’t for about half the year. Man, I used to think that guy was good. Especially when he had that 40-burger. Nets fans, you’d better remember and cherish your memory of that game. I can’t cherish it for you.

As for this 23-point performance by Prince, I give Nets permission fans to forget about it immediately. Prince has never really done it for me, so I assume he’s not really doing it for them either. I will say that I’m glad that the Nets commentator mentioned that this was a REVENGE GAME for Prince against his former team, and he said it with an emphasis that tells me that he knows that the phrase “REVENGE GAME” is always supposed to be capitalized.

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