Terry Rozier 25 Points/7 Assists Full Highlights (12/4/2019)

You know, for being a Tank Commander handpicked by Michael Jordan himself to command the Hornets’ tank all the way to the promised land of ping-pong balls and folded-corner envelopes known as the NBA draft, Terry Rozier has been okay this season. After not shooting above 40% from the field during any of his seasons in Bean City (is that what they call it?), he’s currently shooting a healthy 43.5%. There are a lot of so-called “good” point guards who shoot worse than that. One of them might be a familiar name to Hornets fans. His name rhymes with “Decemba Talker”.

That all being said, isn’t the point of a Tank Commander to lead his team on a tanking expedition by playing below career norms while chucking the air out of the ball? Rozier’s doing the second part well, but he’s completely failing the first part. The only hope here is that Rozier’s defense is so bad that it negates his improved offense. I don’t care about defense so I can’t comment on whether this is the case or not.

The Hornets should bring in Corey Maggette to mentor Rozier on how to be a proper Tank Commander. Among the things that Maggette has real-world experience: not trying, not pretending to care about your teammates, thinking you’re a better scorer than you really are, and sometimes just blatantly passing the ball to the other team and pretending it was an accident (look up the video for this one, it’s hilarious).

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