Davis Bertans 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (12/5/2019)

I accidentally got all the footage for this video with the 76ers commentators instead of the ‘Zards commentators. In a departure from my usual all-encompassing laziness, I actually went back and got the correct commentators, even though one of them is Drew Gooden and he sucks (even if one of the reasons I made this channel in the first place is because no one made vids for him getting triple doubles on the Bucks). Perhaps I should’ve kept the 76ers dudes, because you just know they would’ve been seriously sad sounding while saying stuff like “Bertans with another three, you have to get a hand up” and “I have one of each of Simmons’ and Embiids’ nuts in my mouth right now” and “Bertans having the game of his life” and “Wizards win”.

Bertans was having the game of his life in the first half, where he scored 22 points. What little I saw of this game (yeah, I was actually watching this game live for a bit) included him missing some threes rather badly, so it seems like he used up all his mojo early on. That’s okay though, because other players picked up the slack in the second half and the ‘Zards came away with an impressive win over the 76ers featuring “superstars” Bum Scrubbins, JoeL Embad and coached by Butt Clown.

If the NBA doesn’t put this guy in the three-point contest over All-Star weekend, it would probably be an even bigger snub than it was last year, and that’s saying a lot. But if they do make that omission, I don’t see anything in the CBA that says that players can’t organize their own three-point shootouts. Boycott the official one, and have a homebrew one in some dank high-school gym filled with REAL fans. Bertans would win that one too.

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