P.J. Tucker 18 Points Full Highlights (12/5/2019)

No one EVER told me that P.J. Tucker’s real name doesn’t have a P or a J in it. When you initialize something, usually that something is your actual name, not just some random words you string together. “Pops Junior”. I mean, I guess he can call himself whatever he wants (it is kinda weird that one of the most important things about a person, their name, is forced on them without any consultation way before they are able to consent in an informed manner), but I don’t see anything wrong with “Anthony”. Anthony Tucker. I can totally imagine an NBA player named that (probably because there was one, who played for the Bullets during the 94-95 season).

But what he wants to be called is P.J., so I’ll respect that. Even if it stands for something as uninspiring as “Pops Junior” (or “Pop Junior”, sources differ).

If you haven’t noticed by now, I have nothing to say about his performance tonight. 18 points, 5 threes, that’s a pretty standard Tucker performance, even if it is on the high end. I’m not even excited that this was a REVENGE GAME, because he was with the Raptors only 17 games way over a decade ago. Hopefully the fans still love him (if they ever loved him in the first place), but his time there is ancient history.

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