Doug McDermott 17 Points Full Highlights (12/9/2019)

Someone get Doug McDermott a featured role on a team, quickly. Time is running out, he’s already 27, almost 28 (how is that possible???), his prime years are passing by before our eyes without him being a number one (or even number two) option on a team. It doesn’t need to be a good team, I’m not picky. In fact, by nature of him being the first option on it, it would probably have to be a bad team.

McDermott was such a beast in college. There’s no way you can tell me that the guy who scored almost 27 points per game his final year at Creighton is limited to being a single-digit type scorer in the NBA. I mean, he’s gotten BETTER since leaving college, right? He’s probably gotten better, so he’s even MORE suited to being a serious scoring threat on a nightly basis than he was when he was drafted.

I would even accept him going to China (like a certain player with a certain similar pigmentation that I am think of right now) if it meant he scored, like, 50 a game. Which would be super easy for him I bet. He’s tall, he can shoot. Players in the NBA probably can’t stop him when he gets in his mind that he wants to score, CBA players would have no chance. He’d just shoot over the top of them all day (except for the quarter where he has to sit because foreign imports have a league-mandated minutes restriction).

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