Grayson Allen 15 Points/1 Dunk Full Highlights (12/9/2019)

Grayson Allen needs to look to J.J. Redick for inspiration on advancing his career. Redick is a great player now, and has been for quite a while now, but he really kinda sucked for his first few years. So much so that Allen might actually be outpacing Redick at the same point in their career’s. Redick’s ascent into solidity is not expected from most cruddy rookies, but he has shown that it can happen.

The real comparison between Allen and Redick is that they were both widely reviled while at Duke. That’s another thing Allen can learn from Redick: how to get people to stop hating you. Problem is, I don’t think there was a real reason for everyone hating Redick other than that he was good and he was cocksure. Whereas with Allen, the reason everyone hates him is that he was a dirty player who tripped everyone he could get his feet on. He even tripped one of those volunteers manning the concession stand at a charity basketball game because he was dissatisfied with the amount of nacho cheese he was given with his chips. For real. Just straight-up tripped her right into the nacho cheese machine.

As far as I can tell, Allen has tripped anyone yet in the NBA, but once you’ve tripped someone ONE time, it takes a long time of not tripped anyone to lose the label of “tripper”.

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