Mitchell Robinson 14 Points Full Highlights (12/13/2019)

Despite not having a point guard for the majority of the season, Mitchell Robinson is 6th in the league in dunks, with 61. All the dudes around him have a point guard who can feed them the ball and get them easy shots at the rim. Except for Robinson. I wish I could say that he makes up for it by getting a bunch of dunks all by himself, but about 80 percent of his are assisted. Who’s passing it to him for all these dunks? And, whoever they are, don’t they feel bad about the fact that if Robinson had a real PG (instead of them) he’d probably have 100 dunks by now?

It’s apparent that he doesn’t really need a real point guard to throw him lobs, because he’s so good at making himself available for them and also finishing them that any loser can throw them (except for me, but I’m blameless, because the landbound bozos I play with always say “dude, you know I can’t dunk, stop throwing lobs” like it’s my fault that they can’t dunk, they could at least try to jump a little higher instead of pathetically watching the ball sail way above their stupid heads).

That said, I’m imagining him playing with Chris Paul right now, and I don’t even like that dude, but that’s what I’m imagining, and it’s fairly glorious. The Knicks definitely have the assets to make a trade for Paul work. Whether they want to give up their bevy of power forwards for an old PG on a huge deal is an open question, but if they want him, he can be theirs. Frank Ntilikina needs to be marginalized harder, anyway.

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