Steven Adams 24 Points Full Highlights (1/6/2020)

If this game was the only NBA game you’ve ever watched in your life, you might come away with the impression that Steven Adams is better than Joel Embiid. If this video was the only NBA-related video you’ve ever watched in your life (welcome to the channel!), you would not only come away with the impression that Steven Adams is better than Joel Embiid, but that he is the best player in the NBA by far, the only one capable of scoring points besides Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Tobias Harris. Honestly, that would not be a bad state of mind to be in. I wish I could be a newbie about basketball again, where seeing even an individual shot by a player would have me wondering whether he was better than Michael Jordan or not.

Sidenote: if Adams is interested in being the MVP of a league by far, he is cordially invited to the pickup games I play in. It’s not really a “league”, per se, but he could definitely be MVP of any game he played in. With his defense, literally no one would score inside, and he’d dunk it every time on the other end, at least until the basket apparatus came detached from its supports and conked him on the head, Shaq-style. And if he wants to mix it up on offense, let it be known that I am a pick-and-roll god and will find him on every roll no problem. Take that, Chris Paul!

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