Markelle Fultz 16 Points Full Highlights (1/13/2020)

Remember when Kevin Durant tweeted about how Markelle Fultz has a nice hesi pull-up jimbo, and if you didn’t understand the terminology then you don’t REALLY hoop? Well, it turns out that Fultz is on the path to recovery from having his shooting mechanics ruined by his mom’s boyfriend, and his hesi pull-up jimbo actually is looking pretty nice right now.

However, it wouldn’t hurt Fultz’s confidence if Durant sent out some more tweets about him. To have one of the league’s best scorers shower you with praise in tweet form can only have positive effects on development. For example, if Durant tweeted “DownToBuck is a real baller. That catch-and-shoot midrange is wet,” my confidence would be buoyed and I would dominate the park for years if not decades.

The only problem is, Durant is too busy defending his online honor by way of his army of alternate accounts to waste time tweeting about some point guard in Orlando who is still way outside the national spotlight. Sure, Fultz was at one time an extremely hyped prospect, and he’ll forever garner attention because of his status as a former number-one overall pick, but right now, he’s improving his game out of the public eye. Durant’s not gonna tweet any more about him, so he’ll have to find confidence from other sources. As long as those sources aren’t his mom’s boyfriend pelting him with medicine balls and making him shoot shots while lying down on the floor.

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