Terry Rozier 25 Points Full Highlights (1/13/2020)

People of the future are going to look back on the contract that Terry Rozier received from the Hornets and be like “that was a pretty reasonable contract for a guy who would score almost 20 points per game”.

Okay, that’s a lie. No people from the future (I’m defining “future” as “25 years from now or more”) are going to be thinking about Rozier at all. He’s the kind of player who will be forgotten the second he steps off the hardwood for the last time. But if future people DID think about him, they would look at the contract, look at his stats, and think that everything was fine.

Everything is NOT fine. They will be missing a lot of the nuance that comes with being able to watch the games. They won’t see all the stuff Rozier does that isn’t so good, or the badness of his team while he’s on the court. Even if they somehow manage to scavenge the VHS tapes containing some of my highlights of him (YouTube will be long gone, dismantled under government pressure), all they will see is buckets.

Speaking of buckets: would it hurt for Rozier to chill out a little bit with them? I’m getting tired of making all these vids and if he keeps this up, he’s going to find himself off my channel for at least the rest of the year. Which would be messed up, because usually players have to be actually good before they get kicked out of my emporium of role-players.

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