RJ Barrett 22 Points/5 Threes Full Highlights (1/14/2020)

The play-enhancing properties of the standard-issue NBA headband are well known. Carmelo Anthony’s seminal treatise on the subject, “On The Magickal Properties Of The Headband” (not to be confused with his later work, “The Latent Power Of The Hoodie And Other Related Garments”), is well regarded in NBA circles for its thoroughness in the study of the headband and its rigorous scientific methodology. If that book is not required reading for NBA rookies, presented alongside the material on managing one’s finances and avoiding the entrapment of females, it should be.

However, all the evidence points to the fact that nearly all NBA players are unaware of what affixing a headband to their head can do to enhance their game. There is no reason that every player, young or old, small or big, shouldn’t be wearing one every game, seeing as it so greatly magnifies already-present skill. The NBA as a whole suffers for this; there could be so many more quality players, more superstars, more everything, if players took the simple step of adorning their brow with a strip of cloth blazoned with their team’s colors.

RJ Barrett discovered the power of the headband last game, using it to score 23 points in an upset win over the (mostly headbandless) Miami Heat. There was no upset in this game, but he once again donned the magic elastic and once again had an excellent game, scoring 21 points and hitting 5 threes. “Headband RJ Barrett” is now a real thing and looks to be a real thing for the foreseeable future; after these two performances, I wouldn’t doubt that he will sleep with the headband on.

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