Duncan Robinson 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (2/7/2020)

Looking at the game logs for Duncan Robinson is a real trip. A trip into the future where three-point shooters have gotten so good (possibly due to brain-computer interfaces) that it is a surprise when they miss. The last time Robinson had a game where he didn’t make a three was back in late November, 35 games ago. The last time he had a game where he didn’t make multiple threes was in late December, 20 games ago. The last time he had a game where he didn’t make at least three threes was early this year, 13 games ago.

He just makes tons of threes, people. I don’t know how I can state it any clearer.

I guess it makes sense that he’s already so polished from beyond the arc, despite it being only his second year in the league: he’s already 25 years old! These darn players who spend more than one year in college really mess up my perception of how old players should be. For reference, he’s a full five years older than Tyler Herro, which makes me imagine how good Herro will be in five years compared to Robinson right now. It will be the new splash brothers, and the league will welcome them with open arms, because by that point Stephen Curry’s ankles will be pure dust and Klay Thompson will have weeded himself into oblivion.

The NBA got things right this year with the All-Star three-point contest lineup this year, it looks like, with Robinson getting selected on the back of his high-volume, high-efficiency three-point shooting this season. My prediction: he’s going to all Jason Kapono on those fools, but not even win because Davis Bertans isn’t going to miss a single shot in any of the rounds.

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