Mitchell Robinson 15 Points/5 Dunks/3 Blocks Full Highlights (2/9/2020)

Do you think Mitchell Robinson ever wistfully looks down at the opposing team’s bench and its preponderance of skilled point guards, then looks back at his own bench and feels barely-suppressed hatred for his teammates and his situation. I totally bet he does. How could he not?

Witnessing first-hand the chemistry that Trae Young has with John Collins when it comes to lobs, heck, witnessing first-hand the chemistry that Trae Young has with all of his teammates which allows even scrubnuggets like Damian James to look good, that must really take a toll on Robinson. He has to deal with Dennis Smith Jr. and Frank Ntilikina, not to mention Julius “Ball Hog” Randle. The only saving grace on the Knicks roster is Elfrid Payton, who is a willing passer, even if he may not have developed the level of chemistry with Robinson that Young has developed with Collins. But having one good passer out of however many teammates isn’t going to result in good ball-movement as a team, though, so Robinson is more often than not left to scrounge for his points off offensive rebounds and other hustle-type plays.

The Knicks as an organization are probably aware that they’re not using Robinson to his fullest (or am I giving them too much credit here?) and are likely looking for ways to shore up the point guard position. Hopefully one of those ways is to draft LaMelo Ball, because having Ball be a total bust (a somewhat likely outcome, in my mind) would be the most Knicks thing ever. I would derive way too much joy from that.

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