Duncan Robinson 18 Points/6 Threes Full Highlights (2/12/2020)

I think I’m going to have to institute a policy for Duncan Robinson similar to the one I had to for Joe Harris: no 20 points = no video. It pained me to do that to Lumber Joe, but it had to be done; I was simply flooding the marketplace with too many low quality vids. And the same is happening with Robinson.

A 20-point threshold means that Robinson would have to hit 7 threes instead of his usual 6 (for reference, he has 7 games with 6 threes already, but only 3 with more than that) in order to earn a vid from me. Or, if he doesn’t think he can manage an extra three, he can maybe shoot a few free throws or perhaps even try a shot from inside the arc. Just as long as he scores over 20, I’ll be more than happy to make a vid.

This is the fourth time already where he’s hit exactly 6 threes, scored no other points, and I’ve made a vid. It’s getting annoying. If you’re a Heat fan or just a general Robinson fan, and you disagree with this potential policy update, deal with it. If you’re scared because you maybe won’t get to see all the Robinson highlights you want, fear not: simply wait for the three-ilation at the end of the season and you’ll get to see ALL his threes.

Maybe I should make a two-ilation for him instead, actually. That might be more fun.

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