Fred VanVleet 22 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2020)

I predict that this video will get fewer views (possible as few as zero) on account of Raptors fans being way too sad after having their precious 15-game winning streak snapped to watch this. The entire nation of Canada is in a state of mourning. Why relive painful memories of the past, as would happen if they happened to watch this vid, when you could, instead, curl up into a little ball and try to think happy thoughts about championships and Nick Nurses and Drakes and Kawhis… actually don’t think about Kawhi. That would be too much to handle at this point.

There is still entertainment value to be had here, as long as you are not a Raptors fans. Perhaps you are a Nets fan, who wants to appreciate VanVleet’s valiant effort in a loss against your team. Perhaps you are a Lakers fan, thinking about how cool it would be to have VanVleet instead of Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. Perhaps you are a Bucks fan, glorying in the Raptors’ demise. Or, perhaps, you are a Knicks fan, gathering intel on your upcoming point guard of the future who you just signed to a 5-year, 120-million dollar deal.

That’s totally what’s going to happen, by the way. I’ve run some simulation on my highlights rig (which is quite powerful), and according to my models, there is a 78 percent chance that VanVleet heads to the Knicks this offseason. Whereupon he will promptly start sucking because everything the Knicks touch turns to garbage, and the fans will get really mad at him, and it won’t even be his fault and he’ll wonder why the heck he ever left Toronto where the fans would love him forever no matter what because of how he basically won them a championship.

Advice going out to VanVleet: don’t ever leave Toronto. It’s not worth it.

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