Miles Bridges 20 Points Full Highlights (2/12/2020)

Three 20-burgers (and I don’t mean “games where he scored between 20 and 29 points, I mean exactly 20) in four games for Miles Bridges, with the other one being 18. It seems like 20 is now the amount of points we can expect from him on any given night.

With this new development, now seems like a good time to announce my intention to call any 20-point performance by any player a “Bridges”. Like, “Khris Middleton just had a Bridges tonight”. You know how a “LeBron” is 27/7/7 and a “Snell” is getting points while getting no other stats? This is like that.

I can see this really taking off. People love Bridges, and will be super excited to honor him for the rest of time by using his name as a replacement noun for a 20-point game. He might not be the person with the most of that type of game in NBA history, but if he keeps up his pace of them, which is for sure what’s going to happen, him and 20-point games will be inextricably tied together forever. When you think Miles Bridges, you think 20 points. When you think 20 points, you think Miles Bridges.

And if other people don’t think this is a good idea, screw them. I’m going to start saying it and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me. You think I care about UN resolutions? Pffft. They like to pretend they have power but they have none over the sovereign nation of DTB.

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