Tony Snell 16 Points/5 Assists Full Highlights (2/12/2020)

Apparently, no one from the Bucks warned the Pistons that having Tony Snell and Thon Maker on the same team would cause no end of confusion from fans and commentators and arena announcers. When they were on the Bucks, even I had a hard time distinguishing them on the court, and it’s not like I wasn’t trying. They just look the same. One of them is taller (I’ll let you figure out which one), but they’re both skinny dudes who are extremely dark skinned (by the way I am reading about what happens when do black holes collide and getting EXTREMELY freaked out) with little to no hair (not like you can tell from such a distance).

The Pistons must still be salty about the Bucks stealing Khris Middleton from them as a throw in in that Brandon Jennings deal, because they’ve been working hard to steal all the Bucks players that they can. Christian Wood is about the only one I’m feeling the loss for. As much as I loved Snell in Milwaukee, I’m not too sad anymore about him being on another team. He still would fit well as a low-usage wing, because he’s definitely better than Wes Matthews who is currently filling that role, but he’s just getting paid too much.

Why did we give him that 4-year, 46 million dollar deal as soon as free agency opened a few years ago anyway? So we could show free agents around the league that if you’re a mediocre player who is loyal to us, that we’ll give you a ton of money for no real reason? Did we give him the money thinking he would improve? Despite this game where he flashed some playmaking, I don’t think he has changed at all since he came into the league. Maybe more confident in his game or whatever, and his teeth are straighter (and blindingly white), but that’s it.

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