RJ Barrett 17 Points Full Highlights (2/21/2020)

Welcome to the inaugural episode of DTB’S GOOD NEWS BAD NEWS, where your favorite highlight maker DownToBuck gives you alternating snippets of both good and bad news.

GOOD NEWS: RJ Barrett scored 17 points in this game.

BAD NEWS: RJ Barrett needed 19 shot attempts in order to score 17 points.

GOOD NEWS: RJ Barrett fearlessly attempted five three-pointers in this game, displaying supreme confidence in his own shooting abilities.

BAD NEWS: RJ Barrett didn’t make any three-pointers.

GOOD NEWS: The Knicks have traded Marcus Morris, thus removing one impediment to RJ Barrett getting more involved in the offense.

BAD NEWS: RJ Barrett doesn’t deserve a bigger role than he currently has. In fact, he might deserve a smaller role.

GOOD NEWS: Recent front-office shakeups mean that the Knicks are headed in the right direction and might not ruin RJ Barrett’s career.

BAD NEWS: James Dolan is still around to ruin RJ Barrett’s career.

BAD NEWS: There is no more good news to report on the Knicks.

BAD NEWS: Having to do another “BAD NEWS” without an intervening “GOOD NEWS” is bad news.

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