Steven Adams 19 Points Full Highlights (2/21/2020)

The “19 Points” that comprises the majority of the video title does not really encompass the vast impact Steven Adams on this game. If you want, you can consider these additional bits to be part of the title as well: “17 Rebounds”, “2 Assists”, “4 Steals”, “2 Blocks”, “1 Fat ‘Superstar’ Dominated”.

And, in a departure from my usual mode of operations (fancy intellectuals would say “modus operandi” but DownToBuck is a man of the people), I actually showed all those things. Explicitly. Except for the part where he dominated Nikola Jokic, which was just sort of happening throughout the entire video. Don’t say I never do anything for you. Some of the steals were really lame, but I showed them anyway, diluting the quality of my product to show defense. DEFENSE. I don’t even like defense.

In the past few months I have seen some insinuations that Adams is overpaid. And, looking at his contract, you can kinda see why a feeble-minded simpleton would think that: 25 million dollars is a lot of dollars. And maybe his raw production doesn’t quite live up to that huge paycheck. But here’s the thing: it’s Steven Adams. He’s basically the soul of the team, his impact extends far beyond the boxscore, and screw you. Just look at him.

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