Steven Adams 21 Points Full Highlights (2/23/2020)

It is funny to note that Steven Adams’ defensive rebounding percentage (which is an indicator of – duh – how good of a defensive rebounder a player is, although I have no idea through what mathematical sorcery the statistic is calculated) is almost twice as high this year as it was two years ago during the height of the “Russell Westbrook” era of Thunder basketball. The proof is right there in the numbers that Adams was selflessly sacrificing his own rebounding totals in order to allow Chucksell Statpadbrook to statpad his way to meaningless triple-doubles.

Interestingly, Adams’ offensive rebounding percentage (another stat whose genesis is hopelessly beyond my comprehension) this season is actually LOWER than it was two seasons ago. So, if anything, there’s somebody on the Thunder stealing offensive rebounds which are rightfully Adams’. You thought that, with Statpadbrook gone, Adams was going to have free reign to do exactly as much rebounding as he wants, no more, no less? Scoff. Snort. Clearly, there are still players on the Thunder who are stealing Adams’ rebounds in order to lower his value around the league and make his next contract much more team-friendly.

Is Sam Presti demanding this style of rebounding from his players due to his renowned stinginess when it comes to player contracts? Is he purposely telling CP3 not to throw lobs to Adams so that the Thunder can sign him to a cheaper deal? Has he not learned his lesson after the James Harden fiasco? The answer to those questions is yes, yess, and yes.

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