Mitchell Robinson 23 Points/7 Dunks Full Highlights (2/29/2020)

Mitchell “Big Shot Mrob” Robinson just set a new career-high tonight by doing two things and two things only:

-Catching lobs
-Grabbing offensive rebounds and immediately going back up with the shot

If that sounds rather limited to you, you’d be right. Certainly, most players who score 23 points will do so with more variety than what Big Shot Mrob displayed tonight. But Robinson excels so much at those two things (he’s shooting an unbelievable 74% from the field this season) that you wouldn’t want to ask him to do anything else. Jumpshots? Nah. Post moves? No way. Driving in for layups? His handles are probably looser than an XXL t-shirt draped across my skinny frame like a tent. But catching lobs and getting hustle points near the bucket, those are things he can do.

Robinson kind of reminds me of a young Drummond before Drummond got it into his head that he was some kind of hook shot master. Is that just my rose-tinted nostalgia goggles kicking in again? Was Drummond ever as disciplined as Robinson is when it comes to shot selection? I seem to remember Drummond being a lob-catching beast his first few years until the Pistons decided he was their franchise cornerstone.

Hopefully the Knicks don’t ruin Robinson in that same way. Then again, they’re the Knicks, so they probably will.

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