T.J. McConnell 14 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

Life circumstances meant I didn’t get to watch this Bucks-Pacers game, so this vid is mostly for myself. Other people can watch it, obviously, because I uploaded it to Youtube, but this one was for my own edification. I just HAD to see how T.J. McConnell dropped 14 and 6 on us.

What I was imagining this performance looked like came really close to how it actually looked. Lots of those pull-up midrange jumpers where he just dribbles around for a bit and then shoots it. Some nifty passes, and some not-so-nifty passes. What I wasn’t imagining was the blatant DISRESPECT of Donte DiVincenzo, who got his pocket picked by McConnell while trying to bring the ball up the court, then failed to defend the layup and got bopped in the nose as a reward.

That one’s going in the T.J. McConnell highlight reel they show while he’s getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

If Malcolm Brogdon continues to be injured as often as he has been (which makes me super sad, I’ll always love the CyBrog), perhaps McConnell will stop being marginalized as hard and start being the player that made him the most memed white point guard this side of Alex Caruso. And in the Pacers “only pick and roll” system, he can for sure feast if he just gets his chances. Not even being ironic right now.

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