Tyus Jones 18 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/4/2020)

Wow, I totally didn’t realize that this performance by Tyus Jones was one short of a career-high in points. How has he not scored 20 yet? He’s been in the league for five years now, and he’s been a decent-ish role-player for all those years, and he doesn’t have even one 20-burger to his name? Even Rashad Vaughn scored 20, come on man.

This means that when I uploaded that vid of Jones scoring 19 a few weeks ago, that was actually a career-high vid and I wasn’t aware. I just went back and checked and, yup, no mention anywhere of it being the most points he had ever scored in an NBA game. No “Career High” in the title, no paragraph in the description. Just total obliviosity. And to think I pride myself on knowing the (approximate) career highs of all the scrubs and role-players in my vast Archivium.

And the only reason I’m even aware of it now is because the ‘Zlies commentators mentioned it after his last three that gave him 18. I sit here and type all sorts of crap about how commentators are worthless and dumb and never say anything of importance at all, but now they’re making me look even stupider with their illumating commentary.

I should just quit now. I’ve made a mockery of my profession.

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