Derrick Jones Jr. 23 Points/5 Dunks Full Highlights (3/11/2020)

The Miami Heat jumped out to a 40-22 lead over the Charlotte Hornets in the first quarter of this game, partially on the back of an uncharacteristic amount of offensive contribution from Derrick Jones Jr.: He scored thirteen points in the first eight minutes of play. His unreliable three-ball was falling, he had some sick blocks (blocked shots are the only way I can understand or care about defense), and his lob chemistry with Bam Adebayo was like “Lob City 2.0: Vice City Edition”. Things were going smoothly. High-fives were unwisely being exchanged in the stands after each exciting play.

Then everything fell apart and the Heat lost by eleven. It was such a pathetic chokejob that they suspended the whole NBA because of it. Adam Silver decided that he could not risk having any other fans exposed to such embarrassing displays of so-called “sport”. Any other explanation that you hear for the NBA season getting postponed is fake news.

This loss is not DJJ’s fault. It can be everybody’s fault but his. Any production you get out of DJJ is a bonus. Even if he scores two points, those are two points that you weren’t counting on getting from him. He’s just a lanky dunk contest champ with questionable basketball skills, like a K.J. McDaniels version 1.5, but skinnier.

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