Devonte’ Graham 30 Points/8 Threes/6 Assists Full Highlights (3/11/2020)

It sort of seemed like Devonte’ Graham had recovered from the slump that he slumped into around the All-Star break. He had four straight twenty-point games culminating in this thirty-point performance where the Hornets came down from a twenty-point lead to easily beat the Heat, whose “hardworking culture” was no match for the Hornets’…uh…I don’t think the Hornets really had a culture to speak of. But Graham did go 8-of-11 from three. That’s culture, right? I think it is.

This description has been in the past tense up to this point because we don’t know when Graham is going to get a chance to continue his streak of strong play. If hot/cold streaks really do exist and aren’t just an imagination of human minds desperately seeking order among the game-logs of players, Graham’s hot streak will probably be over by the time games resume. If they resume.

I’m finding it really hard to provide meaningful analysis of players right now. Discussing a specific game or a specific player seems pointless when a pandemic has thrown the entire NBA season into doubt. Like, who cares if Graham had his best shooting game in recent memory? A good night’s sleep has me slightly less freaked out about the whole thing, but it still has me pretty messed up. At least I didn’t have any dreams where a coronavirus virus-blob was punching me. I swear I didn’t have any dreams like that.

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