Kendrick Nunn 24 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2020)

There’s always something nice about a tight, concise highlight video which is just buckets and no free throws (free throws are lame). My earliest videos from my now-deleted channel were often edited in a super-fast style but I’ve gotten away from that as I show more of a how play develops.

Did I sell out? Sometimes I think I did. Everybody always says that a musical artist’s first few albums are always their best work because it’s the most crystalline and pure manifestation of their vision. That’s how my old videos were. With my wonky, slow methods and unwillingness to get extra footage where it might be needed, those videos might not have represented my exact goals for my own work at that time, but I was editing them only for myself. The needs of my (small) subscriber base at the time were ignored, if I even knew what those needs were.

What I’m saying is, this is a Kendrick Nunn highlight video with no extraneous parts. Aside from the superior quality and the fact that Nunn would have been in high school when I started my channel, this video totally could have been an upload from the first month of my existence as an NBA highlights channel. Maybe I should delete all these paragraphs and write a few simple sentences instead, just like how I used to do it. Those were the days.

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