Will Barton 23 Points Full Highlights (3/11/2020)

I’m casting around looking for positives in this whole “NBA is suspended because of COVID-19” thing, any positives at all, and I think I just came up with one:

I won’t have to make Will Barton highlight videos again for a long time.

It’s not that I dislike Barton as a player. I’m actually a fan of his game, which seemed to take a step up this season. It’s just that nobody watches these videos, which makes it hard for me to get motivated to make them. I literally had to give myself a peptalk for fifteen minutes before I could even start the process of editing this video. Another fifteen-minute peptalk ensued just to motivate me to write a description for it rather than just deleting it from my computer and pretending it never existed in the first place.

My last Will Barton video, where he scored 22 points four days ago, has 263 views. I could upload a video of Bogdan Bogdanovic picking his ear and then inspecting the earwax on his finger before flicking it off, and it would get more views than that by an order of ten.

I imagine, however, that as the NBA postponement draws on and on, I will get to the point where I am itching to make any highlight video, including, unbelievably, Will Barton highlight videos. It seems impossible now, but, as we’re finding out, a lot of things that seemed impossible have turned out to be very possible indeed.

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