Kyle Korver 22 points/5 threes Full Highlights (11/16/2012) (Also Kyle Korver dunks in this one)

Today’s Fun Factoid: Kyle Korver’s high school class voted him “Most Likely to Look Like Ashton Kutcher”. I vote him “Most Likely to Make it Rain from Downtown”, and after you watch this video you will cast a similar vote. Korveman is also the second least dunk-prone player in the NBA (first place belonging to fellow white guy Luke Ridnour) so imagine my puzzlement when I saw Korver bust out for an easy throwdown after a Josh Smith block. At first I thought Tom Chambers had made a surprise return to the NBA before I looked at the box score. It’s right there: “Korver Dunk Shot: Made (22 PTS) Assist: Williams (4 AST)”. Check out 1:12, seeing is believing!

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