Marreese Speights 18 Points/1 Three-Pointer Full Highlights (11/18/2012)

Maarreesse Speights has always been kind of a middling NBA player. Actually he still is. However, he knows his role, and that allows him to play efficiently in the minutes he gets. He knows that he should never ever take three-pointers. That shows maturity and knowledge of one’s own limitations. Wait, my phone’s ringing, I gotta take this…

“Yo, sup DownToBuck. It’s your bro Marreese. In case you didn’t see, I drilled a three last night. Man, the Raptors commentators was PISSED. You always tellin’ me to not take that shot, well guess what Buckaroo, I took it AND I made it. Just call me Andrea Bargnani. You might be D to B but I’m D to three. Boom!”

“Shut up Marreese”.

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