Brandon Knight 26 Points Full Highlights (11/26/2012)

He turned his gaze inwards. What was there to see, here, deep in his own psyche? At first, nothing. Nothing but a vague blurry lightness. Slowly, steadily, the haze condensed and reformed, revealing what had previously been hidden. A glimmering radiance, his inner essence, an immortal being of pure white. It was his soul! He gazed in awe, tears welling in his eyes still tied to the outer dimension. “Tell me the answers I seek”, he said. It responded “Brandon you’re a lottery pick stop sucking”. “But wait…” He could feel his mind slipping back into the physical plane. “How? I am not up for such a task. Lend me your guidance…”

Brandon awakened. He looked at the clock next to his bed. 4:30 PM. Time to get up and get ready for the game. His waking mind did not recall his experiences, but deep in his unconscious, he remembered, and learned. His journey had only just begun.

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