Larry Sanders Triple Double 10 Points/12 Rebounds/10 Blocks Full Highlights (11/30/12)

Larry “The Sandman” Sanders is known around the league primarily as a spastic shot-blocker who fouls a lot. It’s true: 7 fouls per 36, but also 4 blocks. Here he turns Pekovic and Love from ferocious wolves of the arctic forest into timid blanket-swathed puppies who quake in fear at Sanders’ flailing arms of fury.

Who’s the other Milwaukee Buck who got ten blocks in a game? Oh yeah, just some guy named KAREEM ABDUL-GOD-DAMN-JABBAR! All Sanders needs to do is put on some goggles, develop an unstoppable hook shot, force his way out of Milwaukee in favor of Los Angeles, and set the league scoring record. Then his career trajectory will mirror Kareem’s. I bet he can do it, that sounds like some pretty easy stuff.

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