Jarrett Jack 20 Points/Game-Winning Assist vs Heat Full Highlights (12/12/2012)

Before reading this description, make sure you are seated properly in your chair and not in the process of consuming any beverages. Ready? Here we go:

The Warriors are currently 15-7.

Raise your hand if you just felt a little heart attack. That was your body reacting violently and instinctively to the godless unnatural state of the NBA where the Warriors have won more games than they’ve lost. Jarrett Jack is a big contributor to their successes, bringing ten points per game off the bench while shooting very well from the field. In this video we observe Jack jack long two-pointers in a furious attempt to dismantle the evil Heat conglomerate. At the end of the game he forgoes shooting for once and hits Draymond Green for the game-winning shot. He does it all while having a face very similar in appearance to Corey Maggette. Or did I just blow your mind?

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