Spencer Hawes 18 Points Full Highlights (12/14/2012)

What did Kings fans have to say about Spencer “The Mullet” Hawes when he was drafted?

“I admit to almost throwing something at my TV when the pick was announced…”
“…………….this sucks………..we now have Osterfat #2 on our team….”
” If he’s even mildy good he’ll be an asset for us at the very least in a trade situation perhaps down the road. ”

What fools. They had no clue that Hawes would turn out to be a beast. My research indicates that 76ers fans were joyous when Hawes got traded to them. They knew what was up. Hawes arrived on their doorstep with “Beast” written all over him:

“Hawes is a better offensively gifted Center”
“I think Hawes was a project coming into the league but he is going to be a very good center for us.”
“we get a bright Center 22 years old with alot of skill”

Yep. 18 points on 15 shots, mostly jumpers…this guy’s Dirk Nowitzki 2.0. Count on it.

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