Cartier Martin 18 Points Full Highlights (12/15/2012)

If you were a young NBA player who wanted to prove your efficacy in the league, which team would you want to go to? The Lakers? The Heat? The Knicks? No. None of those teams would give you any minutes. The real answer: the Wizards. There is no hope for them this season. John Wall’s return will be too late to drive any meaningful push for the playoffs, and they will give minutes to anybody who shows up at the arena with a nice enough pair of shoes. So all that unknown scrub Cartier “Cartman” Martin has done is forgo a winning situation for a situation where he can get minutes. Just take a look at the losers he had to unseat for playing time: Martell Webster, Trevor Ariza, Chris Singleton…all Cartman has to do is not suck on a historic level and he will be given a chance to get on the court.

Here he makes four threes and scores eighteen points, twelve in the fourth quarter alone. If you look closely at the scores you will see that the Wizards had scored 46 points through the first three quarters, so one wonders, why didn’t they just put Cartman in earlier and tell him to go crazy? If he went crazy enough, he might have gotten the score to within twenty by the final quarter, and then anything can happen. After all, the Wizards did beat the Heat once before. Cartman should demand a trade. I hear southern Florida has some nice weather.

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