Carmelo Anthony 45 Points Full Highlights (1/1/2013)

Carmelo Anthony’s New Year’s Resolution: Average 40 points a game the rest of the season. He’s definitely off to a good start, once again proving that he’s one of the league’s premiere scorers. This 45 against the Blazers ties the league-high in single game points again, as he had that many against the Nets early in December.

Alas, his gaudy point totals belie the fact that all he really wants in this new year is for his love to be reciprocated, for his aching heart to be soothed. He scores more and more, capturing the hearts of New Yorkers and many others across the globe, but he has eyes for one person only, a person who remains unimpressed by showtime dunks and crossover step-back jumpers. He sees them in person only a few times a year, and always he tries his hardest to impress, but his actions go by with barely a notice. What else can he do?

It is truly a sad tale, a tale that will remain unfinished until “Carmelo Anthony 82 Points Full Highlights (12/25/2014)”.

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