Wayne Ellington Career High 26 Points (6 Threes) Full Highlights (1/7/2013)

Wayne “Spooky Sk” Ellington is just your average NBA player. He wakes up in his lavishly appointed condominium, goes to practice in his fancy car, drains a bunch of jump shots, goes back home, plays in that night’s game, then probably goes out to party and meet chicks before going to bed and repeating it all the next day. A pretty good life, all things considered, but somewhat bland after a while.

There’s a niggling thought in the back of every NBA scrub’s head: what if I scored 26 points in one game? Would I finally find fulfillment amongst the drudgery of the professional athlete experience? The answer is yes. 26 points in one game is a magical threshold which can turn your life from “mere blip on the cosmic timeline” to “bigger deal than the big bang”. And now that Ellington has achieved this distinction, the quality of his life has significantly improved. Expect big things from this guy.

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