Nikola Pekovic 25 Points/18 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/8/2013)

Nikola Vucevic recently grabbed 29 rebounds for the Magic. Overcome by jealousy, Nikola Pekovic vowed to himself before the game against the Hawks, “I will grab 30 rebounds for glory of powerful and strong Montenegro!”. But then he got distracted by scoring 25 points and fell 12 rebounds short. Which is still good for a career high. But not good enough for poor Nikola.

“25 points is no good enough! 18 rebounds only? How the rebounds slipped through my finger!”. He sat with his head down in the locker room, waiting for it to empty so that none would see his anguish, and the tears welling in his eyes.

“Hey Pek what’s wrong man?” It was Andrei Kirilenko. “Nothing wrong Andrei. What make you thinking something wrong?”. “Do not be lying to me. It’s okay. You will have another chances as long as rebound stealer Kevin is injured. How about you, me, and Alexey go down to Johnny’s Pub and get wasted?”

And so they did. I heard from pub sources that Pekovic downed 30 shots of vodka as Andrei and Alexey sang “Valhalla” by Blind Guardian.

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