Luol Deng 33 Points Full Highlights (1/11/2013)

Luol “Based” Deng is probably getting tired of playing 40 minutes per night. Being ridden harder than 2005-era Kobe has got to have some negative effects on one’s performance. It’s really obvious when Deng staggers over to the bench in the middle of a play and passes out into the tray of Gatorade cups. But Thibodeau isn’t a player’s coach, so Deng’s ragdoll-esque body is often laying uselessly on the court for minutes at a time until a timeout affords the medical staff enough time to administer the smelling salts. Somehow the Bulls still win a few games despite playing 4-on-5 for large stretches of game time. That’s how good of a coach Thibodeau is. His player management and rotations are nothing short of impeccable. When Derrick Rose comes back, you can bet that he’ll be playing at the end of blowouts, because nothing bad could ever happen, right?

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