Bradley Beal 26 Points (Six Threes) Full Highlights (1/16/2013)

Bradley “Madley In Love” Beal started off the season as pretty much just a horrible chucker, but he has redeemed himself in the past few games by actually making more shots than he misses. This has resulted in the Wizards winning a few games.

None of this means anything to Bradley. The only shot he wants is a shot with that cutie Denise who always sits in the fifth row at home games. That smile she has when he makes a shot…oh God, that smile. It’s so perfect. Fitting, for a perfect woman. His heart burns brighter every time she casts her lovely eyes upon him. After games, he seeks her out, searching frantically through the faceless crowd, but she is always too quick for him. Sly like a cat. A sexy cat. She is a goddess in earthly form, and all he wants is for her to, in the privacy of their shared bed, say those immortal words: “Make more than 40% of your field goal attempts”.

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