Paul George 31 Points (7 Threes) Full Highlights (1/18/2012)

I’m hosting a party. I won’t bother to tell you the date or time, because you, dear viewer, are not invited.

“But DownToBuck, I love parties! Why am I not invited?”

Patience, my friend. You didn’t let me finish. As I was about to say, this party is what I call a “Three Party”, and as such only the best three-point shooters are invited. Players like Novak, Anderson, Thompson, Curry. And Paul George. Any dude who can make 7 threes in a single game is totes invited.

Last year my party was sparsely attended, but, hey, NBA players are busy dudes. It was basically just me and Ersan Ilyasova sitting around talking crap about Drew Gooden, drinking Smirnoff Ice and eating nachos. Ilyasova is such a funny guy when you get him liquored up. Too bad he’s not invited this year.

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