Mickael Gelabale 15 Points Full Highlights (1/25/2013)

I wish someone would send me a copies of the NBA Pronunciation guides. I fear I’m pronouncing a name like Saer Sene wrong when I’m telling people how big of a bust he was.

Anyway, it would help if the Wizards commentators read that thing, because they cycle through many different pronunciations before settling on “The Frenchman”. I guess that’s better than butchering it every time, but it might cause confusion since Kevin Seraphin was playing at the time. Maybe “The Guadeloupian” would suffice better.

The Guadeloupian scored 15 points including some nice foot-on-the-line long twos. A few inches back and we’d be talking about 17 points here. Dammit Gelabale. Did they teach you anything in Europe?

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