Andre Drummond 18 Points/18 Rebounds Full Highlights (1/29/2013)

Andre Drummond is the perfect case study for why NBA scouting is crap. Except for a rare sure-fire prospect like LeBron or Anthony Davis it’s pretty much a crapshoot as to your draft pick being good. Players who are bad get picked comparatively high (Austin Rivers). Players who are amazing get picked comparatively low (Andre Drummond). I’m not saying that I’d do any better; I thought Johnny Flynn was a future all-star.

The upshot of this is that every team who passed on Drummond is kicking themselves except for maybe the Hornets and the Blazers. That suits Pistons fans just fine. They’ve got a franchise frontcourt now. Too bad they’ve got a bunch of me-first chuckers as guards and some more me-first chuckers rounding out their bench.

So despite Drummond’s amazing effort the Pistons got totally smeared by the Bucks and he didn’t even get a 20/20 game. Nothing but anguish to be found here. Anguish and despair.

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