Brandon Jennings 30 Points Full Highlights (1/29/2013)

Brandon “Baddy Chuck” Jennings will never be an All-Star. All-Stars don’t shoot 40% from the field unless they’re named Allen Iverson. Too bad, because the All-Star game’s “run and chuck” mode of play is perfectly suited to what Jennings likes to do on the court, which is run around really fast and chuck bad shots.

Last night, the Bucks dominhated (that’s dominated and hated combined, you plebeian) the Detroit Pitstains, and most of the responsibility can be placed on Jennings’ scrawny shoulders. I mean, he scored 10 points in the first quarter and 20 in the third. That’s 30 points in two quarters! He could have had sixty! It’s like the Boylan hates him or something!

Also, if there are any members of the Pitstains video crew reading this, please crawl on your hands and knees to your boss and grovel for forgiveness. While you were interviewing some racecar driver or something, real athletes were playing basketball. You could interview God himself and it would not be important enough to displace the game action. Absolutely disgusting.

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