Kawhi Leonard 18 Points Full Highlights (1/30/2013)

He trudged endlessly through the Tibetan snowscape. There was no sound but for the crunch of his footfalls. Would he find enlightenment here? He had sought the guru for days, having been told by Euroleague players that the guru would make himself apparent after the proper mindset had been attained. But Kawhi was already pretty good at basketball, and he just wanted to go back home to San Antonio.

Just then, a flash overtook his eyes. When he could see again, Kawhi saw the basketball master himself sitting serenely in the snow, apparently unfazed by the bone-chilling cold. Kawhi immediately fell to his knees in reverence. “Master, grant me your wisdom so that I may become an All-Star”.

“My student, listen to me with open ears, because this knowledge cannot be repeated. It can only be uttered once before the winds of the gods take it away from us.”

“Yes, master. I am listening.”

“However Stephen Jackson acts, act in the opposite way. For S-Jax is a cancer upon the league and the very sport of basketball. Observe his ways so that you stray not upon the path of cancerdom.”

Kawhi felt the tears building. “I am grateful, master. Thank you.”

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